How to Choose the Right Entity: LLC vs. S-corp vs. C-corp

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This course discusses in detail the differences between LLC's, s-corporations, and c-corporations. So many entrepreneurs, when starting businesses, do not have a clear understanding of the differences between the different types of entities that are available and why one of those entities are better or worse than another. This course dives into the nuances that are associated with each type of entity. In the course we discuss:Why you need a legal entity for your businessThe differences between LLC's, s-corporations, and c-corporationsThe tax advantages associated with LLC's, s-corporations, and c-corporationsSituations in which you should choose one entity over anotherThis course covers a relatively complex topic, but explains that topic and associated concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Best of all, you should be able to complete the course in less than an hour!

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