5 Axis Stepper Driver For Mach3 Protection Transmission Anti Reverse Module Board CNC Controller

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Описание и характеристики

Description: Protection Transmission Anti Reverse Module Electronics Controller Board CNC Stable Stepper Driver 5 Axis For Mach3Specifications:Voltage: 12-24V Axis: 5 axis Function: anti-reverse functionSuitable for: For mach3 Input Power: 5V DC power supply or computer USB to take powerWork axis stepper: Received the highest 5-axis independent drivingDrive: Pulse + direction + enable signal.  Features:Fully suitable for MACH3 and other computer software support for parallel port control.USB power supply and peripherals powered phase separation to protect computer security.Peripheral wide voltage input,12-24V, and anti-reverse function.All the way to the relay output port, control spindle switch. Output port P17 mouth.Can be accessed with the optocoupler drive, 5-axis stepper motor can be controlled.P1 as PWM outputs can be controlled with optocoupler input spindle governor.Can be accessed by a common cathode or common anode input level to 5V drive. Package Included:1 PC *Driver

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